Tumblr Is Weird

So, my first few days in the blogging world were interesting. My first stop was Tumblr. User friendly, set up was easy, but man are you Tumblr people weird. I thought I knew what “fandom” was, but I really had no idea. For instance I learned a new term called “shipping”. Shipping is when you want two characters in a show you like to hook up. Then you like wish it or blog about it, or totally gross your husband out by graphically explaining it to him. Without the last part, my understanding is that both wishing and blogging are acceptable forms of shipping. Now, you’re probably thinking sure we all wanted Ross and Rachel to finally hook up, but that would be soooo obvious and boring. Amirite Tumblies? Any self respecting shipper takes two characters most people would NEVER want to see getting it on (think Newman and Kramer) and has them performing ungodly acts on each other that would make John Waters blush. Don’t believe me? Tell your kids to leave the room, put your browser on private and type in Supernatural Shipping. Yeesh!

Now, okay I can blog on Tumblr, but one of the things I’d like is to find other bloggers to follow who write more down to Earth and non shippy stuff. And it really is kinda hard to find peoples’ writing outside of the afore mentioned shipping and other forms of other erotic friend fan fiction on Tumblr. So, I tried out Word Press. After experiencing the cyber glory hole that is Tumblr my first impression of a Word Press blog was “Ooh, what a sophisticated insightful post Word Press blogger”. And I was all like “Wow, Word Press blogger that’s quite interesting.” And then I was like “Okay, Word Press blogger the cops in Ferguson were perhaps a bit heavy handed, but maybe we shouldn’t feed them to Michael Vick’s dogs.” But really, Word Press does seem like a great place for aspiring writers to ply their trade and have their work seen. Having said that, it also has its share of erotic friend fan fiction, but tastefully done and less gif oriented which I find refreshing.

So, I’m all over it! Tumblr, Word Press, and Twitter! For some reason I still go to Facebook, but I swear….. Never mind this is a safe place. No Facebook rage here……. ahh but damn it Aunt Barbara I am not posting 10 things of any things! Sorry, that slipped out. Workin on it. Breathe. Okay, done.

If you want more poorly thought out insights on shipping or Facebook rage follow me on these thingies:

Tumblr: poorlythoughtoutthoughts.tumblr.com

Word Press: poorlythoughtoutthoughts.wordpress.com

Twitter: @danstwatting

***By the way I don’t have an Aunt Barbara, and I’ve never actually seen or heard of any Kramer/Newman shipping.


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