End Of The Day

Got home late. Work sucked. Traffic sucked. Thought wife would be here, but no. Phone is dead. Too tired to get off my ass, and charge it. Gotta eat something. Might fall asleep. Can’t cuz I’ll wake up in a few hours, and not be able to go back to sleep. Wanted to write something. Forgot what, hence this slop. Checked phone. Wife coming in 20 minutes. She cooks or we order out. That means we order out. Remembered what I wanted to write. Maybe later. Must…not….fall….asleep. Hands feel dry. Eww, still dirty from work. Thinking of getting up to wash them. Too tired. Ooh, tv. Mets game. Losing 1-0. Can’t hit broadside of barnyard. Runner in scoring position picked off. Really out of it. Just realized they’re winning 1-0. What’s three up and three down mean to you airman? End of an inning. End of the day.


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