Ray Rice, Roger Goodell, and the Decline of Western Civilization

As you may know The National Football League is embroiled in controversy because of a few thugs who like to beat women and children, and a commissioner who only really cares based on how much of the beating is shown to the public. In my view all the beating is un-debatably atrocious, and just more evidence of how we are not improving much as a society. What really surprises me is how it is systematically condoned and in the Ray Rice case only seriously punished when the league is trying to save face.

The story goes that Ray Rice (RB for the Ravens) and his fiancé got into an argument in an elevator, and Rice punched her in the face knocking her out cold. Security video captured the incident, but only the aftermath of the woman laying unconscious on the elevator floor was shown to the public. Why that wasn’t enough to illicit proper consequences I do not know.

What were the consequences for Ray Rice? Well, instead of going to trial, the NJ Prosecutor allowed him to enter a “Pre Trial Intervention Program”. This is basically probation, where they’ll drug test him, make him go to a few meetings, and maybe fine him a few thousands out of the millions he’s worth. Guess football can afford you a pretty decent attorney or something.

While this inadequate punishment was handed down, N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell soon would hand Rice his punishment from the league for violating the conduct policy. A lengthy suspension was expected. Consider that four years ago Goodell handed Ben Roethlisberger six games (eventually reduced to four) just for being accused of a sexual assault that never even went to trial. What did Ray Rice get? Two. Just two games.

But it wasn’t over yet. You see the N.F.L. doesn’t care that Ray Rice beats women. It doesn’t care that Adrian Peterson beats his child. It only cares that that the more publicity these acts receive, the less money the N.F.L. will make. Like I said, it wasn’t over.

A few days ago more video of the Ray Rice incident was released. This time you see the punch, not just the aftermath. Now, while it is definitely disturbing to see a woman being hit like that, it did not change the facts. We all knew he hit her.

Somehow to Mr. Goodell this changed everything, and now all of a sudden Ray Rice is suspended indefinitely, and has been released from the Baltimore Ravens. The open hypocrisy and false justification that the league and team are standing on is sickening. They actually claim that they weren’t aware of the entire incident before the rest of the tape was released. I’m at a loss. What else did they need? The beater himself told you what he did. Why does video of what we all know happened change things? It’s because you perceive your fans to have the integrity and decency you lack. You know the video will give the story more legs and ensure that this won’t go away. Consequently it will cost you what you value most, money. Money in possible ad revenue, ticket and merchandise sales. That’s why Ray Rice is currently out of football, not because you did the right thing in the name of decency. You ran the numbers in July, but the X factor (the rest of the tape) was not part of the equation. Neither was the truth even though it was all there and not even Ray Rice was denying it.

In a related story Greg Hardy (DE for the Panthers) was convicted in July of beating a woman with the help of his personal assistant. He threw her into a tiled bathtub, choked her, and threw her onto a pile of loaded weapons. What did he receive? A 60 day suspended sentence and 18 month probation. What!? And while this maniac is appealing his paltry sentence, no decision has been made by the league and Mr. Goodell. In fact this guy actually played last week. In fact the Panthers were publicly defending their position to let due process take it’s course before acting. Damn it, due process did take it’s course…. in July! Luckily, today the Panthers finally made the right decision to deactivate Hardy, but again not because it was the right thing to do, because the publicity was too much, and that was bad for business.

These events speak to so much that is wrong with society. The hypocrisy that is so in your face when it comes to people in power is sickening. We don’t just see this kind of stuff on tv. We see it in our daily lives. We see it at the work place. We see it when we open our bills. We see it reflected in the attitudes of the younger generation who don’t give a fuck because why should they? If you want to get ahead, do what cha gotta do. Get rich or die tryin cuz only poor people go to jail. And, if a bitch gets up in yo face, slap dat ho. Just don’t get caught on video.


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