Night Driving

The party ended too early as usual. It was nice, but that’s all. Just nice. I drive off into the dark suburban night, turn the radio on, and add just a little more volume. A nice mid tempo classic with jangly guitars and a hard steady kick drum mixes nicely with the night-time wind rushing in. My left arm rests atop the open window. It’s chilly, but I like it there. Feels good.

Making my way through dark tree covered streets. Sleepy-time here. Manicured lawns with a few stray skateboards abandoned by un-concerned youths. Flickering TVs reflected in the windows.

Red light. 120 seconds. Not a single car comes the other way. Look left. Look right. Still red. Screw it. Highway entrance ahead. Radio reports a faster kick drum. Speed up. Volume up. Let’s go……….

Feeling better. The little 4 cylinder’s race to no-where, the radio sounds, and the wind on my arm and cheek inspire where the party failed to. It’s dark here as well at 80 mph. No lamp posts. The only lights are road reflectors on the lane markers. They whiz by becoming continuous winding lines threatening to hypnotize. I successfully resist. Deep breath. Smile.

Exit off the dreamway. More sleepy-time lawns and windows. Another red light. Hmm, those head-lights creeping up in my rear-view look familiar. Well, no blowing this light. Taking mental inventory…. Only 2 beers like 2 hours ago. Won’t matter if Captain Midnight suspects inebriation. Green light. It’s cool. Just do the speed limit. We’re good right? Crap, forgot about that dysfunctional tail light. Hope it’s on tonight. Check rear-view. Gone. Victory.

A few more turns. One final turn. Pulling in to my spot with the radio still cranked. Sorry neighbors, this is important. Roll the windows up. Lean my head back on the head rest. Smile. What a great night.


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