Random Thoughts

I was actually going to post about the struggle of unsuccessfully trying change my theme, fonts and colors. Yeah, sorry. I won’t subject you to that. So instead, here’s what’s swirling around in “that lump three feet above my ass”. Thanks Tom Hanks.

Unrelated Random Thoughts
*The N.F.L. continues to be concerned only about their image surrounding domestic abuse. Did they really think that running a 30 second celebrity starred public service announcement would come off as anything but pandering?
*I can’t even begin to form an opinion on the Middle East/ Isis/ Israel/ Syria. It’s just all bad, and anyone who says they have a definitive answer is delusional.
*Work place politics are slowly creeping up on me. Don’t get involved. Don’t get involved. Don’t get involved.
*The Jets sucked…. again……. as usual.
*Simpsons vs. Family Guy is finally here in an hour. OK!
*Been really slacking on some things that need doing. Like, I should really eat something soon.

Bye for now,


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. I so like these random commentaries. I bloody canNOT begin to wrap my head around the entire middle East situation either. It’s been on since forever now.
    And this theme works best.
    And have you by anychance seen Dan Howell’s channel on YouTube? *weirdquestion*


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