The Buffer Zone.

“Non practicing Catholic”. That is my answer to inquiries about my religious affiliation. Technically, I guess I’m an agnostic. While this is a common view in the U.S., we here don’t often acknowledge that people from other regions and religions struggle with this same spiritual uncertainty. Although I could not fully articulate the issue, another blogger has done so masterfully.

http://TheBlackandOliveChronicles is a twenty something year old Indian woman dealing with the same issue, but from a Hindu perspective. It is an extremely insightful read which I found fascinating. Enjoy.


1236038_592918217417543_754342105_n-copy I am one of the assholes?

I crossed my legs and sat down with a heavy thud on the maroon rug in the praying area of my house. The song “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit swirled inside my brain as I tried to push all songs, equations and WordPress blogs out of my head and think of some prayer to recite. I ran an uninterested gaze over the innumerable images and idols that are neatly arranged in the three foot high mini-temple. There is a clay idol of Lord Hanuman – most powerful God in the eternal faithful service of Lord Rama. There are two bronze idols of Lord Krishna – the one who wears a peacock feather, plays a flute, and had roughly 16,000 wives. He used to be my “favorite” god when I was a kid, because he is portrayed as a naughty kid in mythology. There is a huge framed painting…

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5 thoughts on “The Buffer Zone.

  1. For the love of all “Firsts”, thanks for my “First” re-blog. This is early Christmas for me and you are the not-so-secret Santa!
    And that is “Hindu” / “Hinduism”. Just saying. 😛


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