Opinions Are Like Assholes

Opinions are like assholes. Usually, the person stating one is an asshole. Need proof? The following are things I learned browsing the “Opinion” feed on Word Press:

*Iggy Azalea is a white racist, and Nikki Minaj is very upset about it.

*Feminists want to kill everything masculine.

*Cats are better than dogs. Whew, glad someone cleared that up for me. 😻

*Pro-choice people won’t be satisfied until all the adorable thimble sized babies are brutally massacred by filthy liberals.

*The band Snow Patrol is “shite”. I liked this one for two reasons. One because it’s true. Two, because the blogger used the more sophisticated British version- “SHITE!”.

*Selfie shaming is a hot social issue. Seriously, fuck off. Just fuck off.

For a second I was sure the Word Press App was broken, and had mistakenly imported my Facebook feed. Seriously, tho at least on Word Press I have to seek out the stupid, while Facebook is a never ending source of moronic opinions and endless baby pics that no one wants to see. I swear the first person to use the term, “I can’t even” was reading their weird cousin’s pro guns pie chart.

So, I’m done for now. I’m sure more things will set me off tomorrow, and if I remember what they were, I’ll be sure to share. But, until then try and post something that doesn’t make me want to stare into an eclipse. Will ya!?



12 thoughts on “Opinions Are Like Assholes

  1. Since I cleaned my Facebook the dose of stupidity has decreased exponentially. That and the fact that I’ve canceled my subscription to NYT and other news sources, including the Economist.
    Living in oblivion isn’t a bad thing.
    Have a nice weekend!

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  2. I have no idea who Iggy Azalea is. Cats are just as terrible as dogs. I like Snow Patrol because…British!

    Think I’m opinionated enough to make the feed?

    Rant, dude, rant!


  3. I like that Iggy Azalea ass. Haha.
    And I actually like that song “Work”.
    And that song “Booty”- well.
    There has been so much awesome ass around lately, that in my opinion- all opinionated asses you shove their opinions up theirs !
    Is it legit to laugh on my own comment?


    • The views expressed in the comment section are solely of The BAO and do not represent in any way that of Poorly Thought Out Thoughts. However, international law does permit laughing at your own comment provided that no unfortunate blogger is subjected to the likes of Iggy Azalea or a dissertation on selfie shaming. Furthermore, Poorly Thought Out Thoughts is within his rights as a self identifying “music snob” to express his opinions freely as he chooses, and to unfairly mock any music he finds subpar (see Iggy Azalea or Snow Patrol). All subsequent opinions of any nature will now be subject to the discretion and approval of Poorly Thought Out Thoughts as he has been named Head Asshole, and will rule in judgement of all your inferior opinions.

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