Instead of Writng……..

Trying to get myself in the the right mind-set to write, but all I do is change the shuffle on my iPod, and read other bloggers who obviously are having a much easier time at this. I grabbed a beer. That’s supposed to help right? I even poured it in my Simpsons Christmas themed glass. That’s gotta work.

C’mon, who’s not inspired? Me, that’s who. Maybe Seth Rogan’s face frozen on my tv from when I paused it over an hour ago. The same time I was supposed to start this manifesto.

Nope. Seth’s just not my type I guess. Well, I guess I’ll take the easy way out. Here are a few poorly thought out idea turds:

Un-related Random Thoughts
*Listen to Rush with a good set of head phones (not plugs). This is required course-work for this blog, and it will be on the test.
*Im an idiot who couldn’t come up with anything resembling a test if my life depended upon it.
*I’m thinking maybe I should start sucking at my job. I’m getting too many weird compliments from my boss. I can only figure it’s because I’m not a complete idiot, and they’re not used to it.
*I spent ten minutes tonight looking for a frying pan. I looked in every cabinet ten times, and was convinced it had vanished, and I thought I was losing my mind. It was in the dishwasher.
*Sons of Anarchy is waiting on my DVR. It’s a guilty pleasure. Once a week I vicariously lead the life of a muderous Harley riding bad ass simply by working my remote control.

So, that wasn’t that shitty, was it? I got a few things off my chest. Maybe a laugh or two. Good talk, right guys? Well you’re a fickle bunch, and Ima be me. You do you. Who the fuck is writing this? Grinding to a halt……



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