Un-related Random Thoughts

It’s your lucky day Press Bots! Today you get a full post of Un-related Random Thoughts. I know, it’s too much, and now you have to think of a new Christmas present to ask Santa for, but I am a giver, and that is my cross. Like Jesus turned water to wine, I turn letters to words and words to posts and posts to things you quickly scroll passed in your reader in search for much more interesting and important things to read. So, yeah I’m basically Jesus. Enjoy!

Un-related Random Thoughts

*I never quite understood the legendary statuses of Eric Clapton or Bob Dylan. They’re both reasonably good musicians with some catchy songs. That’s it. Nothing special. It’s these kind of opinions that get me in trouble at social gatherings.

*Do not get pastrami from a chain sub shop. Trust me, It will not be good.

*The friggin Oxford comma vs. the other one is a debate that rages in my head every time I write. Do I use a comma here, not here and not here? Or, do I use a comma here, here, and not here? Ya know what, fuck commas!

*If John F. Kennedy lived, the world might have been a better place…. Maybe. Maybe not. Hey, he woulda been “The President Who Lived”. Wait, that’s all of them… well not ALL of them. K fine, forget it.

*What makes everyone think that they’re Einsten and not capable of making a mistake. I come across these idiots every day. Truth is half of them have no clue, and when you call them out for fucking up they always have an excuse why an outside entity is to blame. Look inward, proofread, double check, triple check. Fix your mistakes before I have to, and have some humility about it damn it. Unless your fuck ups involve commas. Then we’re cool.

*http://awkwardambivert.wordpress.com is right. Fuck Christopher Columbus.

*Special shout out to Huey Lewis and the News for being the only musical act so bad that I feel personally offended when I hear them. Really, when I hear them I get so angry that someone made that, and then didn’t have the decency to think, “Hey, for the good of mankind I’ll keep that shit to myself.” No, instead at least once a year I find myself in a supermarket or some other soul crushing place being forced to listen to I Need a New Drug or Hip To Be Square. It’s really totally, completely and utterly bad, amirite?

The preceding were the most thoughtful thoughts I could come up with today. Consider yourself #blessed. Until next time, don’t eat bad pastrami or make shitty Huey Lewis music.



3 thoughts on “Un-related Random Thoughts

  1. I laughed so much at the commas part. I had a disagreement with a professor about comma usage and as a joke i needlessly add a dozen commas to a paragraph. I handed it and she was “so happy she taught me how to use commas”. I was just confused how she got a degree to teach.

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