Unrelated Random Thoughts- Volume 3 or 4 or Something

Listen up Blogholes! Stop what you’re doing right now, because I have stupid shit swirling around in my head, and you need help me dispose of it. No really, you are all legally obligated to read this post. Didn’t you read Word Press’s terms and conditions? Once a week all bloggers must go to this site, and feign interest in any and all opinions, complaints, or general blatherings that I feel like spewing on the blogging public. Oh, no need to thank me. You’re welcome.

Unrelated Random Thoughts
*I hate the All About That Bass song so much. Bitch, I get it. You like shitty music that repeats the lyrics over and over.
*The weird guy at work invited me over to play pinball. Yeah, didn’t see that coming. Don’t know what was more awkward; just letting the invite hang there pretending I didn’t hear it, or trying not to stare at his Genesis World Tour 1986 t-shirt. Dude freaked me out. It was I like I entered an alternate universe for a few minutes.
*Remember when Facebook was cool? Thanks Obama! 😠
*Sorry about referring to you guys as Blogholes. That wasn’t very nice, was it? Sometimes my preference for creative word plays comes at the expense of others. Good thing you guys are cool. Moving on….
*I’m liking that new show, Gotham. I was skeptical when the first episode concentrated on the original origin story that we’ve seen a thousand times, but it’s going in some cool directions. And, Camren Bicondova, who plays Selina Kyle (young cat woman) is awesome. When she’s on screen you can’t take your eyes off her. The casting director was obviously looking for a young Michelle Pheiffer and scored big time. Another thing I like is they’re really going dark with the tone and story. And young penguin is creepy as shit.
*Speaking of a young Michelle Pheiffer, damn she was hot! I mean so hot I actually sat thru shitty Grease 2 multiple times solely because of her hotness. Like extreme hall of fame type hotness. Michelle Pheiffer in Grease 2… just sayin.
*It’s Rex Manning Day! Speaking of shitty Grease 2, did you know that the Australian dude in it also played Rex Manning in Empire Records!? Boom! Mind blown, amirite?
*Auto correct is a perv. A few unrelated thoughts ago I typed “pretending”, but auto correct insisted on “pre teen dong”. Really? Yeah, really.

There, I’ve done it! Another masterful poorly thought out post full of random 💩 no one else could possibly give 2 💩💩s about. Fare thee well faithful blogophiles, and be mindful of Michelle Pheiffer’s hotness in Grease 2. If you’re not careful you might actually wind up watching Grease 2.



5 thoughts on “Unrelated Random Thoughts- Volume 3 or 4 or Something

  1. I need to catch up on the last few episodes, but I am liking Gotham too.

    I did not know that about Sandy’s cousin in Grease 2 and Empire Records. Two movies I haven’t thought to IMDB-stalk yet.

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