Wish I was There

Led Zeppelin, Denmark, 1969, How Many More Times. This is definitely an “I wish I was there” moment for me. This was one of their very first performances, and I love this snapshot of the band. It’s barebones. Just them, their instruments and a sparse crowd who has no idea what to do with them. They really have to work for it here, and that adds so much excitement. And, yes I do love the black and white. Very fitting for the haunting nature of the first (my favorite) album.

Next may be a big left turn for some, but I came across this Cyndi Lauper video a couple of months ago, and I think it’s great. For most of my life I thought of her as just another pop star from the eighties. What I’ve come to find out is that she wrote very personal songs with a great degree of earnesty, and passion. Here she was a true rock star who let it all out there, embracing her own unusualness. It might not be for everyone, but if you’re not into the song at least FF to 4:40 and watch from there. Money Changes Everything:

Save Me by Queen, Live in Montreal. Ignore the tight white pants and creepy mustache and enjoy one of the great vocal performances in rock history. Geez, this guy was good. And, it’s just him and the band, no assistance necessary. Notice Brian May starts off on piano then switches seamlessly with Freddie when it’s time to shred a little. Musicianship, can you still get that nowadays?

Music can be powerfully affective on oneself. Throughout my life it has continued to be a great source of awe and inspiration. Tonight I came across three such pieces of inspiration I wanted to share. As always I hope you enjoyed your time here, and I graciously welcome your return.

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2 thoughts on “Wish I was There

  1. I really didn’t appreciate how talented Cyndi Lauper was until I was much older. When she isn’t doing the hiccupy thing, she has got quite a voice.

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  2. I would have loved to have seen Freddy Mercury. I’ve seen Queen perform twice – once with Paul Rogers and then just a few months ago with Adam Lambert (I almost typed “Sandler.” Now THAT would be funny.) But Brian May has always been, for me, the cornerstone of the band. I love hearing him perform.

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