I Got My Sundays Back!

I woke up at 9am today after a full night’s sleep, drank 2 cups of coffee, and mapped the new furniture setup with The Lady. Now I’m blogging about while listening to music, and looking forward to watching my beloved N.Y. Jets get trampled by a herd from Buffalo. After the game, we’ll go to our local consumer wasteland to purchase the fun inexpensive gadget we’ve got our sights on. Maybe we’ll pick up some burritos on the way home, and end our leisure with zombies and adult beverages.

Just a few simple pleasures that were impossible for most of the last 15 years, as I was a full time retail employee (slave/prisoner/punching bag). Back then Sundays were days of dread filled with customer complaints, absent employees, unattended family get togethers, and the outside chance that I could possibly stay awake later watching football on tape or more recently DVR. There are more specific reasons why my soul was crushed into a million little pieces, but all work and no play made Dan a really dull boy. So, I quit.

Best decision ever. Damn it all- the mortgage, car payments, health benefits, gas bill, electric bill, etc, etc. Screw it. My sanity and spirit weren’t worth it. So, I quit and took some time off (admittedly too much time) while The Lady kept us afloat. I regrouped, remembered who I was, and re-introduced myself to family and friends of whom I had become a distant memory and fabled tale told by The Lady.

I’m now employed again, and still have my share of ridiculous on the job moments. My wallet’s a bit thinner but, my Sundays (and Saturdays) are my own. Just yesterday we saw all of our parents, picked out new furniture, cleaned the house, ate Nathan’s dogs and fries, drank beer (The Lady had wine), and watched Doctor Who and hockey (Yay sports!). Today is another day of hard earned freedom, relaxation, and yay, more sports! It only took 15 years to get here, but I finally got my Sundays back!

The game is now basically over as the Jets are getting Buffaloed as I predicted, but I’m just as happy as if they had won. Okay, not “as” happy, but happier than any Sunday I spent stuck in a store having my soul sucked out by the evil dementors (rude customers/a-hole bosses/shitty employees). If you work retail, and you’re over the age of seventeen with a good chance of avoiding homelessness sans job, then stop. Get your Sundays back, because life is too short not to live it. And yay sports!



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