Un-related Random Thoughts- Volume 36 (just go with it. 36 sounds impressive)

Okay, it’s time. No more trolling about on other blogs. No more tending to the poorly thought out ramblings of others. It’s me time. My poor brain has been binging on intellectual garbage, and it’s time to purge. And it is with that sickly sentiment that I welcome you to another exciting episode/edition/craptastical bloogapalooza of blogalistical joys and wonders sure to dazzle your scrotalogical nether regions and tickle your ovarial inner secret sanctums……… What the actual fuck is wrong with me? Here, read this while I seek out professional help:

Un-related Random Thoughts
*I have a new co-worker named Sparkle. That’s her actual name. I work in a warehouse, and drive a fork-lift, and there’s a lady named Sparkle whom I have to address as such. I should get over this. I will get over this.
*Was I supposed to say “trigger warning” before referencing eating disorders? Sorry, that type of sensitivity is foreign to me.
*Did Ebola kill everyone in America yet? No? Just one? Okay, thanks cable news. Great job!
*Is there anything more universally positive and uplifting than an early era Beatles song? Like real positivity without whatever it is that most positive stuff has that makes me want to vomit. Like local parades. They’re really positive, and make me want to vomit. I’ve got a lot of things to work on.
*The Rangers scored 5 goals in the third period, and overcame a 3-0 deficit the other night winning 5-4. That was positive, and didn’t make me want to vomit.
*Remember the swing dancing craze of the late 90s? What the fuck was that about?
*What do I say to the Dunkin Donuts people in order to get the right amount of sugar in my coffee? 3 sugars is too much. 2 is not enough. “Milk n sugar regular” is a crapshoot. And, no I will not go to Wawa (regional chain convenience store) and make my own. What am I an animal?!

That’s it. I’m outta non interesting thought sewage. I hope Sparkle doesn’t read this. How embarrassing would that be? I’m gonna go ahead and guess that Sparkle doesn’t do blogs. Though, I wonder what makes her vomit. What makes you vomit? Blech, let’s cleanse the palette with some non vomit inducing content. Here, I’ll leave you with something very cool. Weird Al’s video “Trapped in the Drive Thru”. It’s a parody of an R. Kelly song. He likes to pee on people, and that’s based on facts. The video however is non pee related and is awesome. It’s also a snapshot of married life for The Lady and I. Ahh, love……



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