Unrelated Random Thoughts- Volume Uhh, 5 Maybe?

Welcome to another installment of Unrelated Random Thoughts. Remember, these thoughts are my own, and not yours’ to toy with. They come from a very special and fragile place (my brain). So, be kind and gentle with my thoughts. They are both precious and random.

Unrelated Random Thoughts
* Ever notice how 99% of people who say “I don’t give a shit what other people think” give more shits than anyone? And the 1% who really don’t give a shit are friggin insane.
* I found both inspiration and whatever the opposite of inspiration is in the following. Jen Kirkman, the clever podcast lady/comedienne, said in a recent episode that Taylor Swift had been named the Ambassador of New York City, and it made her (Jen Kirkman) want to vomit. At first I also wanted vomit, but then was inspired that there are other humans besides myself who are sickened at the continuing blind worship of mediocre talent, and the marketing, and the…….. Okay off my soapbox for the time being. Click or tap here for the pod thingy!
* I’m concerned that the word “vomit” appears regularly in both my real and blog life.
* I’m having a hard time finding music that fits my mood lately. If you’ve seen some of my posts it’s evident that I like older stuff. Rock with a lot of soul behind it, but not “soul music”. I’ve listened to the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Queen and Billy Joel ad nauseum. I need something new (at least to me). I need stuff I can relax to, but also keeps me awake. It also has to be earth shatteringly transcendent and awe inspiring so you can see my dilemma. Any suggestions? Oh, please don’t say The Eagles. Just like The Dude, I hate The fuckin Eagles man!
* “ad nauseum”? What’s going on here?
* I find stand up comics to be the wisest of public figures. Does this say more about me, them or society.
* For no reason I don’t like to put an apostrophe over the n in fuckin. I know it’s customary, but I like it better without. Sorry if this or any other of my punctuation preferences confuse you. Okay, I’m not really sorry. Well, maybe very very just a little bit sorry. Like really the tiniest possible sorry. Like when you say you’re sorry for forgetfully purposely not returning a text. That kind of sorry.

Sorry, that’s all,


4 thoughts on “Unrelated Random Thoughts- Volume Uhh, 5 Maybe?

  1. About the musical block- give this song a listen, if you haven’t heard it already- Ghosts by The Presets.
    And if you like it, then maybe even listen to We’re all we need by Above and Beyond.

    Feel free to let me know if you hate my choice of music.

    And again. I like all this random blabber 😀

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    • Ok, it’s hard for me to get into electronic vibey stuff, but The Presets song was pretty cool. I liked the drinking song part especially. Saved it to my favorites and I’ll try to let it grow on me. The other song not so much, but nice voice and cool video. Just too much drum machine.

      Now if your taste is like The Presets song you might like A Love Like Pi. Check this out. http://youtu.be/e4lEwMudYX0 . Their stuff is on itunes too.


  2. See, now I have just gone blank with the music. I got a gift card for itunes and had all these songs I wanted to get, but now I cannot remember a damn one of them. I think maybe CCR was in there, so there you go. Maybe not the best answer, but it’s something.

    I think The Eagles are overrated but don’t mind the artists’ solo work. Figure that out. Other than me being weird, I mean.

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    • CCR is a perfect example of a lot of artists that I love a few of their songs (Green River/Fortunate Son), but I’m like “eh” on the rest. The Eagles- Well Joe Walsh is pretty bad ass, but Don Henley and Glenn Fry are soooo douchy. So you’re not weird. The Eagles are weird.


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