Two Sides, Too Many Opinions, One Hope

imageWhile most of what I’ve heard and seen about Ferguson, Mo leaves me empty, there is still hope as evident in the picture above. Whatever I can say about it, this picture says a million things I can’t.

Last week I along with the rest of world witnessed the consequence of the combined losses of discourse, trust, empathy and ultimately civility. Ferguson, Mo was gutted, burned and scarred. And while I was confused and dismayed, many others had surprisingly absolute hard opinions about the matter.

I sure I don’t have the answers to what actually happened in Ferguson, Mo but, nether do you. It’s pretty fucked up no matter which way you see it. Perhaps what happened is that two of the worst kind of people met up in a bad situation where only the worst could happen. That’s just my opinion. It’s not a fact, and I’m not stating it as such. Perhaps my opinion is wrong. I could totally live with that. Why can’t others?

Why is everyone else so sure they are right, and anyone who disagrees is a misguided fool or worse? Why is no one listening to each other? What is the goal of the Facebook warrior and his/her meme exclaimed with the pious superiority of Moses atop Sinai? I know who you are (bigoted relative, social justice warrior, dim-witted former co-worker), and I am pretty skeptical that you have the absolute answers to the country’s most serious problems such as race riots, immigration, gun control, etc. You can have an opinion, even a strong one, but once you enter into the realm of absolutism you are no longer engaged in a debate, and resolution is impossible.

While I was barraged by countless talking heads and posters who had absolutely no empathy, understanding or even a willingness to listen to the other side, this picture surfaced. It gave me hope. I hope it does the same for you.


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