News Of Anarchy (the fun kind)

As usual my synapses are firing way too late at night, so here goes. This is bound to be a very random collection of brain spew. Not really sure where it’s going go, so good luck to you unsuspecting reader. Have fun! Or maybe “I’m sorry.” will prove more appropriate. Only time will tell. Time to spew!

*note- I just woke up and completely re-wrote the intro above. I think it went from incoherent babble to slightly less incoherent babble.

Good thing I didn’t agree to go into work early again tomorrow. My body and mind definitely are specifically suited for the 11am-730 shift. A slacker’s delight. Too bad I fucked that up with my stellar performance which earned me a supposed future mini promotion complete with an 8am start time. Just like a big boy! Blech. Moving on.

So, a lot of interesting TV lately. Sons of Anarchy and Newsroom finales were both kind of a letdown. It’s strange with TV finales, but the show before the finale always has the big shocking revelations, as was the case with both of these. I’ll go into a little more depth on both below. I’ll try not to be too specific for spoiler reasons:

*Sons of Anarchy took its main character Jacks full circle, and in the finale there was only one plausible outcome. The week before gave us the holy shit they really went there thing. Now, the finale was a fore gone conclusion, and it was just a matter of logistics on how they were going to get from point a to b. It played out for me like last few pages of a book. A good book that has pretty much wrapped up, and the author is giving his characters their due by allowing some extra dialogue or exposition because he doesn’t want them to go before the obvious conclusion. So, maybe it wasn’t a let down. Like, I felt let down while I was watching it. Then the more I thought about it later, the more I appreciated it. It really was some great story telling. And I really liked the song with the line “Come join the murder”. Put everything in perspective.

*Newsroom on the other hand was an actual let down. First off, the show is leaving just as its really starting to say something important. The previous episode was so poignant and timely dealing with the subject of campus rape, whistleblower debates, and the overall dumbing down of news and media. I feel like there was so much more for that show to say that no one else was saying in a meaningful way. So I was pissed going in, and then the finale was nothing more than mop up work. It was like, ok the show is over, so I guess we have to tell the stupid audience if Ross and Rachel finally end up together. AHHHHHH! I hate Ross and Rachel and everything they stand for damn it!!!

Geez, I struck a nerve with myself there. But seriously, fuck Ross and Rachel. They were on a break anyway, and he was gonna drink the fat.

Ok, enough of that. What else? Started Christmas shopping tonight. Speaking of Christmas, unlike a lot of the Facebook assholes (some of whom I’m related too), I like when people say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy holidays” equally. Both are ways of wishing someone (usually a stranger) well for no reason. That’s a great thing either way, and you’re a special kind of douche to mince words and turn that into something negative because you’re so preoccupied with your insecure infantile prejudices.

I’m going to stop now. It’s lonely on my soap box and I want to come down. Just a few points before I do:
1. Blind Melon and The Strokes are great to listen to while blogging.
2. Don’t drink the fat.
3. Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy Festivus too!

Ok, off the soap box. Promise. Hope you liked my spew!


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