Tap Here To Begin Writing

“Tap here to begin writing”. I guess that’s step one. Well, actually more like step two. Step one is to think of something actually worth writing. So, it’s not like I haven’t been writing. More like I’ve been stuck on step one for about two weeks. I’m not sorry or feel bad about it. And, this isn’t one of those “Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.” posts. I just haven’t had anything worthwhile to say. Now, I’m not saying anything I’ve previously posted here has been specifically note worthy. Anyway, today I finally had some thoughts. Let’s see what they were:

*My beard is getting a bit scratchy. Time for a trim. (Hmm, first thought not very interesting.) Next!
*Hearing a lot about females and their body issues. Wonder if any women would actually give a shit what a man thinks about the subject. Especially one who would be forming his opinion as he wrote and struggling as his ape brain fought to see past his primal instincts. (I think this is a better thought.)
*I should have the left over fried rice for lunch. (Crap, that was to be thought. Not typed.)
*For Xmas The Lady took me to NYC to see one my favorite comedians, Dave Attell. Very cool night. First, before the show we were able to get a table at a nearby bar with no wait… in midtown… on Xmas weekend. We ate quick, paid the over-priced NYC check to the snippy waitress and made our way a few blocks over to the show on Broadway. Every time I walk in NYC I think of another comedian, Bill Burr who said about the subject, “There’s too many people, and they’re all looking up”. I think he was talking about tourists. Technically we’re the “bridge and tunnel crowd”, and don’t look up…. that much. However, we are considered a lower form of life by the natives nonetheless. Anyway Dave Attell was great, and after we went on a mini bar hop on our way back to the train. Many thanks to The Lady for a great night.
*Starting to hear about the 2016 election like its a real thing. Politicians of all affiliations induce my gag reflex. Maybe if I lay on the floor moaning and flailing Tina Belcher style they’ll go away.
*Meeting some new people for the first time tomorrow. One is an old friend of The Lady’s. Maybe they’ll be awesome. Maybe they’ll be jerks. Should be fun.
*Haven’t seen the new Hobbit movie yet, and that pisses me off. Maybe tomorrow (after the new people).

So, there they are. My thoughts. Yeah, not so great I know. Whatever. Gotta go eat some lunch.



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