Too Late

It’s 2:15 am in New Jersey. So tired, cat keep eyes open.< Haul Hydra! . Dubbin is aracing? "Of course. …… ?.

Don't message some one at 1am, especially when there's hockey on. FU phone people!

lThat's all I can accomplish. Need sleeeeeeep though. AY r I'll take this serious next year.going sleeeeeeeeeeeeep now. Bye.

*WTF. Just got up and read this. Don’t drink and blog people.


2 thoughts on “Too Late

  1. Haul Hydra? That has me cracking up. 😀

    I don’t drink but also don’t sleep well during the week. I’ve been making up for it today. Blogging/texting while sleep deprived is definitely a dangerous yet amusing exercise.

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