Homophobia Sucks!

Warning! There’s a big stupid world of ignorant bigots out there just waiting to pounce, and spew their ignorance and hatred upon unsuspecting open minded individuals like myself. Now, being a straight white male I don’t actually consider myself a victim, but recently I’ve been privy to some pretty harsh sentiment directed at gay people or the LGBT and sometimes Q community as I understand they like to be called. Not sure what the Q is for…. oh yeah, probably that…. or something else. I’m not sure.

Anyway, there were two instances where homophobia reared its ignorant head in my sphere of general awesomeness this past week. First it was my boss who lost his shit when another male employee made a joke about doing something gay. It was not the fact that the joke was inappropriate for work, but that the joke was pro gay and indicated that the employee himself might be gay. I did not hear the joke myself, but I heard my boss’s reaction: “If he says another thing about doing gay stuff I’m gonna punch him in his fuckin mouth!” Later on in a much calmer tone he explained to me how he just didn’t understand how people could be that way while flippantly referring to someone else as a “big fat dyke”. Being that he is my boss I resisted telling him that he’s a backwards thinking homophobic bigot and tried to explain that it’s just a matter of preference, and it shouldn’t bother him what other people do. Also, realizing that his understanding on the matter was that of an eight year old who likes to punch things, I tried this example: “I don’t like bananas. In fact the smell of them makes me want to puke. But other people looooove bananas. They can’t get enough of them. Now, I don’t hate these people because they love bananas. Good for them. Let em have their bananas.” He got it, but that didn’t change his mind. Then he told us he was going home to eat his wife’s pussy.

The second instance of homophobia I came across was actually found here on Word Press. Now, in the beginning of the week I came across a simple quote posted by TimeForMyThoughts:

“Prejudices, it is well known, are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been loosened or fertilized by education; they grow there, firm as weeds among rocks.” – Charlotte Brontë.

I liked the sentiment in that quote, but it was soon to prove prophetic when I came across a post by another blogger, Sara’s Humble Blog entitled, Homosexuality In The Middle East. To me it was a short sighted lengthy post filled with false religious justifications about how homosexuality was wrong. It wasn’t exactly hateful, more condescending and demeaning. I voiced my displeasure in the comment section, and used the above quote to illustrate my point. At that point a different blogger with a Christian point of view chimed in questioning my use of the quote and taking me to task for “generalizing” and using a “logical fallacy”. For some reason that set me off on a mini tirade. Here is my response which I think sums up my feelings on the matter pretty well:

“First, I posted the comment because it conveyed a sentiment I felt appropriate for the topic and helped express my feelings towards it. I don’t know how Bronte felt about homosexuality, but to say because she believed in God, she was against it is a leap in logic. Second, just because it’s in the bible doesn’t make it right and just. Example: Genesis 19 is a passage about a “rightous man” whose son in laws were in danger of being raped by wicked men. Lot told the son in laws to flee prior to offerng his virgin daughters to the wicked men. Yes the “rightous man” offered his daughters to be raped. Anyway, by the grace of God they flee the city which is about to be destroyed (Sodom or Gomorrah. I forget). Later in the story the daughters hatch a plan to get their father drunk so that he can impregnate them…. And they do. My point? Maybe the bible (or koran or torah) isn’t the best source for moral guidance, and there’s far worse things that it condones than 2 men or 2 women choosing to love one another the same way a man and a woman would. Furthermore, I’m not using generalizations. I have a strong informed opinion on religion. I also have friends and family members who are homosexual, and know them to be just as good and decent as any heterosexuals. Your ignorance may only stir stuff up on social media, but it can also do great harm by reinforcing feelings of inadequecy to some very fragile souls. Please consider.”

The author of the post actually later posted an apology, but still holds firm to her beliefs. She may just be a mis-guided individual who at the core has a good heart, but because of her upbringing and environment cannot deny her religion. It would be like trying to convince someone the sky isn’t blue. To her that’s her truth. I know I’m passing judgement, but I’m really just trying to understand.

The commenter on the other hand was all over the place, and might just be a crazy person. Again, I’m passing judgement, but she started it. Real mature of me, right?

My boss on the other hand is actually a really smart guy. Living in the northeast U.S. he has access to a multitude of differing lifestyles, views and opinions, so I don’t understand this side of him at all. Maybe it’s a generational thing.

So, we’re left with the repulsion of some, and the damnation of others. Perhaps in the future these archaic notions will fall to the wayside next to similar beliefs like the world is flat, and the sun rotates around it. I hope we are closer to the future than the archaic past.



5 thoughts on “Homophobia Sucks!

  1. Thanks for the mention – I do really believe that ignorance is one of the biggest problem we face, and it seems to me, that we are culturally becoming willfully ignorant (for example, birth control does not equal abortion, but the Supreme Court decided that what you believe is more important than the facts).

    Homophobia just doesn’t make sense to me. It isn’t a choice, it is just they way some are wired. I’m not, but what others do is really none of my business, first of all, and second – love is hard enough to come by in this life – when you find it, you should be free to accept it & share it.

    I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, views, opinions and has the right to freely express them, but no one is entitled to their own facts.

    It is frustrating, though, that it is not always possible to easily call someone out for the crap that comes out of their mouths, but it is necessary to choose your battles – or at least the timing of them.

    Good luck with your boss.

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