Blogging About Blogging…. Again

I stopped blogging a few months ago. To be honest I barely even started blogging, but for about 4 months I was a dedicated somewhat active spewer of modern day prose and literary delight. Okay, maybe that’s over stating it. No, that’s way way over-stating it, but I did write here somewhat regularly for a short time. I hadn’t really written anything since high school, but I felt the need to. So, I offered a few half assed opinions, shared some mundane experiences, and basically used it as a long form Twitter. It was kind of like therapy for me, and a way to get my thoughts across without the annoyances of verbal communication. You know, like having to pause your genius stream of insight so that the other person can chime in with their genius totally inferior retort or observation. Writing is great that way. I’m always the smartest and wittiest person in the conversation, and no one can say any different. Shh, comment sections don’t count. 

But seriously, blogging felt good, and eventually I had said what was on my mind, and that was enough. It ran its course. Now I feel the urge again hence this post. Look out world! I just might have something interesting, ridiculous, insightful or completely stupid to say again so stay tuned. I hope the urge lasts. It’s a good thing having your words read, and interacting the other bloggers here. So, here’s to chapter 2 of Poorly Thought Out Thoughts. I intend to be just as poorly thought out as before, so if that sounds like fun to you stick around. Say hi in the comments. I almost always respond and follow blogs with a similar flow or interesting point of view. 

Ima shut up now,


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