Hey Work, WTF!?

Hi blogland! This post is where I complain and drop an F bomb or two about my job. I know listening to others bitch and complain about work isn’t always fun, but it’s my poorly thought out blog, and you’ve been warned. If you’d rather read about cupcake recipes and Nobama, now’s your chance. Still there? Okay lucky reader, enjoy my misery. 

Now, I’m not normally a complainer, but today was insane. Started with another forklift driver and I trying to unload 60 pallets off a truck while having an incompetent and condescending senior manager create safety hazards and slow down the process while wasting his payroll by adding four more people to a process that was previously done in half the time by just two of us. Eh, his problem, not mine.

I also pulled a match sized splinter out of a co-workers back, and watched another manager purposely force a delivery driver to stand out in the rain getting drenched. 

At the end of the day, a guy who had been there two days ended his shift by cursing out a supervisor. Something about sweeping the “mother fuckin” floor.

Also, my direct boss’s last day is tomorrow, but his boss (the asshole senior manager) doesn’t know. Would love to be a fly on the wall when he finds out because fuck him, that’s why. Oh, and someone made a major complaint to HR about him, so tommorow will be interesting. 

Luckily my co-workers are all pretty cool, and some of us went out after, and had a What The Fuck sesh over some $2.50 beers. That was fun. 

Interesting day.



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