I’ll Be President

I’m back on WordPress, at least for today. I was thinking about this old blog on the drive home just now, and thought I’d take a another stab at it. So I skimmed thru some of my old posts, and man what an asshole I was. Just kidding, I’m actually quite brilliant as you could tell from my very last post where I implied that Hot Topic had done wrong by selling Ed Sheeren t-shirts. Oh how controversial the me of 2 years ago was! Before ya know it I’ll be ranting about fake news, and bragging about the size of my……… inauguration  crowd. Jeez, what did ya think I was going to say there? So, I guess I’m saying I’ll be President soon? Yeah, there’s one of those brilliant and very poorly thought out thoughts like I used to churn out at tortoise like speeds. Boy, are you in for a treat !? 

Anyway, in all non seriousness I feel like giving this another shot. If I do it right, I won’t be so obsessive about views, likes and comments. I’ll just write to write. It’d be nice if I found a topic or style that  that expanded beyond this drivel of the mind you’re currently being subjected to, but if not whatever. I like spewing this type of spew anyhoo. If I feel the same way about it tomorrow, you may see more. So, here’s to tomorrow where anything’s possible, even typing 100 or so pointless words on an old blog that the author himself hasn’t seen in 2 years. Wish me luck.



Completely Unrelated Random Ramblings

Hello faithful blog brothers and sisters! Haven’t had many thoughts worth sharing lately, so I’ve been quiet. Luckily, today there’s actually a few things brewing so, pull up a chair, and let your cup runeth over. Allow the following thoughts, quips and anecdotes to enter your cerebrum or cerebellum or whichever part of the brain filters confused ramblings into epic manifestos. Ready to awed? No? Good, I thrive on lesser expectations. Let the rambling commence:

  • The confederate flag. Starting off heavy I know, but according to Facebook it’s required that we all choose sides and then fight to the death. So, here’s my high horsed opinion. The confederate flag shouldn’t be a part of any government building or entity, but private citizens or businesses (this includes TV stations) should absolutely be able to make their own decisions about it. However, the states using it as their state flag are endorsing old values that have demeaned, oppressed, and currently insult a good portion of their own population. A government “by the people” is inconsistent with this oppressive symbol. Now, as far as private citizens go, it’s your right to wave the stars and bars, but it’s also my right to call you an asshole for doing so. That’s the first amendment in action m’fer!
  • Onto the lighter side of flag waving. How bout dem soccer gals! That was fun. I always like watching the women’s U.S. team. As an American I will now go back to not caring about soccer (except for the occasional Alex Morgan image searches). I’m only human. 
  • Saw my favorite comedian/podcaster, Marc Maron, last week at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, NJ. Great show. The guy is so raw and personal, and  creates such a great connection with the audience. It also helps that the self doubting rage monster living in my head might be his twin separated at birth. 
  • Also incorporated some afternoon bar time before the show with The Lady. Maybe we’re aging quick in our mid thirties, but I’ll take a quiet chill bar on a Sunday afternoon over a crowded noisy douchefest on a Saturday night. 
  • Today I found myself giving relationship advice to a female co-worker. That was unexpected. Hope I didn’t say anything too stupid. Tried to keep it light and jokey so she wouldn’t be embarrassed. Probably shouldn’t have said anything. Now she’s gonna be mentally scarred after taking my half assed advice. Need to bring in one of those flashy thingies from M.I.B. and erase her memory tomorrow.
  • I don’t get millenials. They seem so self involved and emotional, but over the stupidest things. They all have this look in their eye that seems to say “I feel so bad for myself because of that completely meaningless inconsequential thing that means nothing. Don’t you feel bad for me?!” But I have a theory about this. Millenials are being raised by the gen xers who were raised by baby boomers. The baby boomers in large were pretty laxed in the emotional support department with their gen x kids. A lot of gen x kids grew up disconnected from their parents, and now they’re over compensating by endulging every emotional whim of their annoying millenial kids. So, as it goes with many of the world’s ills (war, pollution, income inequality, etc.) millenials are just another big F up by the baby boomers.

Any other sociological quandarys I can tackle for you? Shit, I got unqualified opinions on countless topics. What would you like to know? The one true religion? Meaning of life? Nothing’s off limits here (except for maybe relationship advice to female co-workers). Then I flashy thing you.


Poorly Thought Out Post

I was gonna post a post about how I was pissed that Joan Jett tickets are over-priced, but I couldn’t get a coherent argument together, and I remembered that it wasn’t 1983 or whenever people last cared about Joan Jett. So anyway, I’m not seeing Joan Jett.

Then I was gonna post a post about how I’m really enjoying being on Word Press, and how everyone here is super nice and encouraging , but then all the positivity and happiness made me want to vomit.

Then I was gonna post a post about how I always knew I could write things people wanted to read, and now I’m doing it sort of, and it’s so great, and blah, blah, blah. So nah, that sucks.

So I guess I won’t write anything tonight. And that’s ok….. Hey wait, what’s that above. Did I write something? Nah, that doesn’t count. Or does it? I’m not sure. Eh, whatever.