two poems 75th street and 78th street

This is great stuff from a guy I sorta know. It’s about day drinking in NYC, and wealthy junkies. So, read it, or I’ll kill your cat.

bud smith

It was a strange weekend, here are two poems about my weekend. There are more coming from this series. We started out on 75th street and made some stops on the way until we hit 173rd around midnight.

75th Street

my wife and I go day-drinking
in the city on a Saturday
and wind up in a bar that has a TV movie
on in the corner, but the sound down

there is also candy at the bar, so we are eating
Reese’s buttercups and Almond Joys for lunch
like adults

I point at the juke box and say, ‘Last time I was in here
there were these Portuguese exchange students
and they kept giving me quarters
and had me picking all the songs for them, so know what I did?’

‘you played all the long long songs and kept their quarters
when they got tired of listening to this…

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