I’ll Be President

I’m back on WordPress, at least for today. I was thinking about this old blog on the drive home just now, and thought I’d take a another stab at it. So I skimmed thru some of my old posts, and man what an asshole I was. Just kidding, I’m actually quite brilliant as you could tell from my very last post where I implied that Hot Topic had done wrong by selling Ed Sheeren t-shirts. Oh how controversial the me of 2 years ago was! Before ya know it I’ll be ranting about fake news, and bragging about the size of my……… inauguration  crowd. Jeez, what did ya think I was going to say there? So, I guess I’m saying I’ll be President soon? Yeah, there’s one of those brilliant and very poorly thought out thoughts like I used to churn out at tortoise like speeds. Boy, are you in for a treat !? 

Anyway, in all non seriousness I feel like giving this another shot. If I do it right, I won’t be so obsessive about views, likes and comments. I’ll just write to write. It’d be nice if I found a topic or style that  that expanded beyond this drivel of the mind you’re currently being subjected to, but if not whatever. I like spewing this type of spew anyhoo. If I feel the same way about it tomorrow, you may see more. So, here’s to tomorrow where anything’s possible, even typing 100 or so pointless words on an old blog that the author himself hasn’t seen in 2 years. Wish me luck.



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